Hearing deficiency has long been linked to misfortune. Having one of our primary senses affected has an effect on not just our wellbeing but also our livelihood. COVID-19 has had a particular effect on those who have pre-existing or existing hearing damage, causing a host of long-term complications such as heart illness, cardiovascular impairment, and psychiatric illnesses. With an increase in Tinnitus cases worldwide, it is being studied to determine if the cause was Covid-19 or anything else. Acute hearing loss is an unusual sign of Coronavirus infection, according to case reports.

A single ear and vertical examination in June 2020 showed that several Iranian patients have hearing loss. An Egyptian man with no other signs of sudden failure of heart and coronavirus tested positive for the virus in a report on COVID-19 and unexpected sensory neurological hearing loss. Acute acoustic injury necessitates immediate surgical intervention. If you have a temporary hearing loss in one ear, you should seek medical attention.

Hearing failure, tinnitus, and dizziness are more likely later in the infection period, meaning that the symptoms occur days or weeks after the infection starts. Furthermore, the authors argue that there hasn’t been enough “high-quality science” on the topic. Despite the scarcity of critical evidence on COVID-19’s auditory problems, hundreds of case studies are available online. The medical journal BMJ Case Reports conducted a case review on a British 45-year-old woman with tinnitus and sudden hearing loss in one ear after a severe COVID 19 illness in October 2020. In the end, it comes down to facts. His hearing loss has been partially recovered as a result of steroid treatment.

While it is unclear if COVID-19 is to blame for his hearing failure, scientists are the most likely suspects. This is particularly true since he did not take any drugs that cause hearing loss as a side effect (known as ototoxicity). “If necessary, we recommend patients with [intensive care] and treating serious hearing loss patients as an emergency,” the researchers reported.

Hearing damage and tinnitus, according to reports, are not common symptoms of COVID-19 infection or usual side effects as the disease progresses. If you test positive for COVID-19 and undergo acute hearing damage, seek hearing therapy as quickly as possible after receiving medical treatment.