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National Hearing & Balance

Our Mission


Here, at National Hearing and Balance, our mission is to bring the highest quality, most
comprehensive hearing care to all our patients and their loved ones. With this mission in mind, we strive to be a practice where the entire spectrum of hearing health care and balance needs of patients are addressed. That is why we offer a full range of hearing and balance services:


  • Comprehensive hearing tests
  • Speech-in-noise testing
  • Hearing aid fittings and programming
  • Hearing aid verification (using Real Ear Measurements)
  • Telehealth visits*
  • Hearing aid repairs and services
  • Tinnitus assessment and management
  • Custom hearing protection orders
  • Balance testing (Coming soon to TX!)
  • And much more
    *for our existing patients only

Our Message

It is never too early to start caring for your hearing health. More importantly, it is never too early to treat your hearing loss to improve your quality of life. We genuinely look forward to meeting you to discuss your various hearing health and care needs and to explore the many solutions to prevent and treat your hearing loss.

At National Hearing and Balance, we offer more than information about your hearing loss. We
offer solutions.

– The National Hearing and Balance Team

Why Choose Us?


At National Hearing and Balance, Dr. Allison Coltisor, Au.D (in New Mexico) and Dr. Laci Le, Au.D (in Texas) are committed to following the hearing industry Best Practices Guidelines at every step of your hearing loss assessment and treatment journey to ensure the most accurate hearing loss diagnosis, and to maximize treatment effectiveness and outcomes.

This, we believe, is what differentiates us from standard hearing care providers.

We pride ourselves in helping you understand 1) your hearing loss diagnosis, 2) its impact on your personal life and work life, and 3) all the available treatment options so that you feel confident when making important decisions about your hearing loss treatment. We see our patients as collaborative partners with our trained, well-rounded audiologists. We are strategically located inside the offices of National Sinus Institute (NSI) so that our
patients can have easy access to our audiologists and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) professionals. This ensures continuity of care while simultaneously giving patients peace of mind that their audiologists and medical team are always working collaboratively to bring them the best hearing solutions.

    Our Services

    National Hearing and Balance

    is a full-service provider of diagnostic audiology and hearing aid services including:

    • Hearing Aids
    • Hearing Testing
    • Tinnitus Evaluations and Treatment
    • Balance Testing
    • Hearing Aid Repair and Service
    • Custom ear plugs for musicians, swimming, sleep, hunting and ear protection

    Diagnostic Hearing Testing

    • Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiometry for pediatrics and adults
    • Tympanometry/Immittance (tests the integrity of the eardrum and acoustic reflex)
    • OAE/Otoacoustic Emissions (tests the inner ear/hair cell function)
    • ABR/Auditory Brainstem Response (tests the auditory nerve pathway)

    Balance Evaluation

    • VNG/Videonystagmography (tests all 3 parts of the balance system)
    • ECoG/Electrocochleography (tests the inner ear for a specific cause of vertigo)
    • VEMP/Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (tests integrity of the inferior branch of the vestibular nerve and the saccule)
    • CRT/Canalith Repositioning Therapy (for patients with BPPV)

    Did you know that BPPV is the most common cause of vertigo (dizziness)?

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    Hear. There. Everywhere.

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