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Bopanna Ballachanda, Ph.D.

Meet Dr. Bopanna Ballachanda, Ph.D.

Dr. Bopanna Ballachanda, Ph.D., is our Chief Audiology Officer. He joined NHB in January 2022. He brings over 30 years of experience and compassion to patient care. He graduated from the University of Texas – Southwestern and taught at a prestigious big 10 university, and continues to teach classes as an adjunct professor. He is currently the president elect for the American Academy of Audiology.

More about Dr. Ballachanda

Dr. Ballachanda is well versed in balance and vestibular disorders as well as treating patients who suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss. His biggest passion is helping people hear better. According to Dr. Ballachanda, “Hearing aid technology is better today than it’s ever been. Patients cannot only enjoy better hearing in quiet and noisy environment but can connect their hearing aids directly to their cell phones and televisions for greater listing ease and understanding.”



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